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Sheer Publishing represents local selections of vibrant and exciting libraries under its umbrella all designed to suit any television, film, or radio productions, boasting over 20 000 quality South African music compositions and over 350 000 international titles.

Our wide range of music features the catalogue of Original African Vocal recordings dating back to the 1960s.  With a host of various musical genres, our library offers ranges featuring bush drums, kwaito, house, African jazz, film scores, hip hop, modern beats, sports theme logos, and much more.

Music plays an integral role in all aspects of life, and it is believed that each and every visual has its own suitable music, for this reason, we have forged and continue to maintain an excellent relationship with a diverse range of African composers. We strive to promote and showcase our African music heritage and continue to broaden our African catalogue. Our music is also available on the re-cue system.

Meet Mxolisi Mhlongo

Producer of the month: Meet Mxolisi Mhlongo

Mxolisi Mhlongo having studied and qualified in the field of Music, ventured and looked beyond the horizons to develop hidden talents....

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Music Licensing

Sheer Publishing has a history of supplying the top advertising agencies and film studios with in-depth musical knowledge of what is needed for adverts, TV, and film.

With our vast catalogue rich with South African, African, and International Chart music ideal for synching purposes, Sheer Publishing offers the ultimate one-stop solution for all deals.

We have direct access to fully equipped studios enabling us to sync the relevant music to video for any type of pitch and quick clearance.

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