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Entries to the 2015 Wawela Music Awards open

Feb 3, 2015

The Southern African Music Rights Organisation (SAMRO) have declared entries for the 2015 Wawela Music Awards open. The awards are opened to music composers, authors, publishers and lyricists who are SAMRO members.

Introduced in 2013, they remain the only awards in South Africa to recognise the people who write and compose some of the most celebrated South African musical works. The unsung heroes of the music industry who often go unrecognised for their contribution.

Eligible works include works created for recording artists, film, theatre, television as well as radio and television commercials. These works must have been broadcast on radio and/or television between 1 January 2013 and 31 December 2013.

SAMRO CEO, Sipho Dlamini, said the aim of the awards was to fill a gap in recognising the massive song-writing and music composition talent that South Africa has to offer.
“In the past couple of years we have had the unique opportunity to see and appreciate the impact that South African musicians are making at home and abroad. Our aim is to inspire and reward creative music excellence,” he said.

The awards currently fall into two categories: the Standard Awards and the Special Awards. Standard Awards are those categories in which SAMRO members may submit their works for consideration with the exception of the Statistical Award.

For the 2015 Special Awards categories, SAMRO has invited its members to nominate themselves as well as their deserving peers in the industry. The Statistical Award is judged using SAMRO’s statistical data regarding each work’s usage and performance.

Entries for the categories close on 28 February 2015.

The full list of categories is:

Standard Awards
• Best Soundtrack In a Feature Film or Theatric Documentary
• Best Song or Composition in a Television Production
• Best Song or Composition in a Television Commercial
• Best Song or Composition in a Radio Commercial
• Best Creative Album of the Year
• Songwriter of the Year
• Best South African Duo/Group
• Best Female Artist and Composer/Co-Composer
• Best Male Artist and Composer/Co-Composer

Special Awards
• Lifetime Achievement Award
• Breaking Through the Borders/Frontier Award
• Prolific Catalogue of Works Award

Statistical Award
SAMRO award for broadcast and live performances

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