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6 New Music Trends In 2024

Feb 3, 2024

In the ever-evolving realm of music, 2024 brings forth a number of trends that will shape the industry’s landscape. From the captivating integration of cinematic stings in short-form videos to the subtle resurgence of acoustic melodies, let’s delve into the six prominent trends reshaping musical expressions and industry practices in the present year:

Trend 1: Cinematic Stings Elevate Short-Form Videos

The surge in short-form content finds an ally in cinematic, ‘trailer’-like music, providing a powerful backdrop to captivate audiences within the brief span of attention that characterises our digital age.

Trend 2: Acoustic Music’s Subtle Resurgence

Amidst the electronic soundscape, acoustic music quietly reclaims its space, exemplified by viral hits like Tyler Childers’ “Jersey Giant,” showcasing the enduring appeal of simplicity and authenticity.

Trend 3: The Humorous Charm of Comedy Music

The age-old tradition of comedy music takes on a modern twist, with hits like “Planet of the Bass” achieving meme status and creators like Kyle Gordon infusing humour into their tunes, proving that laughter remains timeless in musical expression.

Trend 4: Rise of Real-Life or Lesser-Known Samples

Artists embrace the intimacy of everyday sounds and personal snippets, a trend popularised by innovators like Fred Again, forging deeper connections with audiences through relatable and authentic musical experiences.

Trend 5: Jazz/Soul/Electronica Hybrids Take Centre Stage

Breaking genre barriers, artists like Jitwam seamlessly blend jazz, soul, and electronica, creating a diverse and appealing soundscape that challenges conventional categorizations.

Trend 6: Continued Growth of AI in Music

The influence of artificial intelligence expands across the creative process, from generating ideas and completing unreleased material to aiding in track selection, as evidenced by tools like Soundmatch, showcasing AI’s evolving role in shaping the musical landscape.

As we navigate the multifaceted trends of 2024, it becomes clear that the future of music is a harmonious blend of innovation, tradition, and technology. Artists and enthusiasts alike continue to find themselves on an exciting journey, exploring new possibilities and redefining the boundaries of musical creativity.