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Sheer Publishing stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of independent publishing services throughout Africa. With a steadfast commitment to expanding our client base within the African diaspora, our mission is to provide a comprehensive range of copyright services to clients domestically, continentally, and internationally.

As a full-service, mid-sized independent publishing company, Sheer Publishing has rapidly gained ground in providing licensing services to the African territory to independent creators, labels and international orginal publishers. Testament to our dedication, some of our esteemed clients have remained with us since our inception in 1996.

With over eighteen years of experience in administering intellectual property rights nationally and globally, Sheer Publishing maintains close ties with collecting societies worldwide. Additionally, as direct members of major copyright collection societies in South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria—we uphold the highest standards of integrity and accountability.

Our extensive catalog comprises South African, African, and international chart-topping music, making Sheer Publishing the ultimate one-stop solution for all deals, particularly in sync licensing. From acclaimed films like District 9, Tsotsi to television hits such as Shaka : Ilembe, Blood and Water, How To Ruin Christmas and more, our music has left an indelible mark across various media platforms.

At Sheer Publishing, we offer expertise in African music copyright ownership and management, international copyright management, film and television music clearance and supervision, jingle and songwriter representation, as well as library/production music management.

Driven by a vision of a thriving African music scene with an expanding global footprint, we are dedicated to delivering unmatched quality, creativity, and professionalism. Our mission is clear: to become the premier world-class publishing company originating from Africa.

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