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Sheer Publishing & Super 5 Productions visited Afcon 2017 in Gabon

Mar 5, 2017

GABON AFCON 2017 was period where Africans met as continent to celebrate and showcase different cultures and sport. Sheer publishing sent a representative to meet with the song writers in Libreville, Port-Gentil and Franceville to educate them of how to generate income (Royalties) from their own intellectual properties. Sheer and Super 5 managed to sign a couple of writers below.

The Music Industry (a small label under Sheer Publishing) also took the opportunity to launch a compilation called Gabon Awake Compilation Vol 1 which will be released first week of April, and this compilation is set to be distributed globally and maximise revenue streams for the writers and record companies in Gabon. Gabon Awake Compilation Vol 1 has very important dignitaries the likes of His Excellency the president of the nation Mr. Ali Bongo Ondimba who happens to be one of the composers in one of the track with Mr. Frederic Gassita and Ba’ponga

Mr. Seidu Iddrisu who was representing Sheer Publishing and Super 5 Productions had a live interview with Urban FM in Glass, Libreville which has a listenership nationwide. Sheer publishing is stretching wider into west, east and central African territories and also trying its level best to make sure their local societies will be effective by 2020.

Through this visit to Gabon radio/Tv stations got to understand that they have to pay royalties to the collecting societies depending on the usage. Urban radio agreed to pay once their society it is properly structured.

It was an interesting to visit a country like Gabon where there’s no music administration structures however we will make sure we assist them to set an active collecting society as we did it with Nigeria and Kenya.