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African Music Trend Forecasts for 2024

Jan 5, 2024

As we embark on 2024, let’s reflect on the noteworthy trends that unfolded in the music scene throughout 2023 and consider what we might anticipate for the year ahead.

1. Social Media and Streaming

2023 witnessed the ascent of African amapiano dance songs and challenges, exemplified by tracks like Bhebha, Mnike, and Dalie. Not forgetting afrotech/amapiano hits such as ‘iPlan,’ the ‘Yes God’ album, and ‘Horns in The Sun’ that dominated Festive 2023. This surge in popularity owes much to the rapid sharing ofThe synergy between social media and music streaming platforms is set to deepen in 2024. Artists are more likely to strengthen connections with their communities by providing exclusive content, engaging in live video chats, and offering fans an inside view of their musical journeys.

Emerging artists are expected to utilise social media platforms to share their paths to stardom through viral music challenges. Moreover, online platforms may witness the revival of cross-genre collaborations, reminiscent of initiatives like Jam Sandwich and Coke Studios.

2. AI and Music

The integration of AI in music has steadily advanced, with tools and applications such as AIVA and BandLab’s SongStarter. The question arises: How can these platforms preserve the colorful African cultural heritage while empowering artists to blend traditional sounds with modern music?

There is speculation that AI could streamline an artist’s daily operations, such as music mastering and legal sampling. Notably, the release of YouTubes AI Incubator and Dream tracks, could give ‘trending audio’ a new ‘voice.’

The potential of AI is yet to be discovered in 2024 and we are excited to see the influence African Music has on it and vice versa.

See this video for more info on the YouTube AI Incubator.

3. Collabs, Collabs, Collabs…

The trend of cross-genre collaborations continues to excite fans, offering a multitude of possibilities for diverse musical preferences. Notable collaborations such as Davido’s ‘Unavailable‘ featuring Musa Keys, Selena Gomez & Rema’s ‘Calm Down‘, Diamond Platnumz & Wouter Kellerman’s ‘Pounds & Dollar‘, and K.O.’s ‘SETE‘ featuring Young Stunna & Blxckie lit up the 2023 music scene.

In 2024 this trend is expected to be on the rise with artists further challenging traditional musical boundaries. We are in high anticipation of vibrant musical genre blends such as amapiano and electronic music, afrotech merging with traditional African music, and never leaving behind the timeless collaborations between RnB and HipHop.