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Sheer Publishing representation at the African Union 50TH Anniversary in Addis Ababa

Jun 27, 2014

Sheer Publishing client Tony Harmony attended the African Union 50th Anniversary in Ethiopia. Tony attended the re-imagination conference for creative artiste for changes and development toward 2063 agenda in Africa which included Musicians, Media and Business Entrepreneurs

Tony HarmonyTony had this to say about the conference: “At the conference we discussed different issues and problems we face commonly as Africans. Like self deprivation, no freedom of movement within the continent without immigration challenges at the borders. E.T.C and we need AU to assist these 2063 agenda for Africa. To improve on our reception for each other and stop self-discrimination. We as African need to see our self as one people irrespective of which country we come from. The minister of culture and tourisms in Ethiopia hosted us for dinner twice and ask for a better and peaceful Union in Africa and invited us to see their cultural indigenous dance groups, at the national theatre. There we were also recognized as guest to perform that night. A theme song was recorded by the musicians present for the conference. Finally at the main conference hall for the AU@50TH final CELEBRATION, there were top government dignitaries present including the lady chair head of AU. We also had the opportunity to show case our performance as musician to grace the wonderful occasion.”

Sheer Publishing is excited to have nominated clients such as Tony Harmony to attend such an important event in the African calendar! Thanks for representing the Sheer Publishing family Tony!