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Remarkable Remix of Chart-Topper In Life: Anthony Kasirivu 

Nov 23, 2023

A life-changing remix of a chart-topping journey unfolds as Anthony Kasirivu transitions from a promising rugby career to a noteworthy music producer. His trajectory altered dramatically when a rugby injury left him paralyzed, but he shifted focus from the tragedy to embracing a new life in music.

Initially a rugby player at the University of Johannesburg, Kasirivu faced a devastating neck injury during a Koshuis game in 2008. Despite the challenges, he remained resilient and alive, undergoing two years of intense recovery before returning home to Mafikeng. The support of his family and a newfound spiritual journey became guiding lights during the dark days of uncertainty.

While the injury took away his rugby aspirations, it opened the door to a flourishing career in the South African music industry. Kasirivu, also known as Luka, had always been passionate about music, starting with DJing in high school. After the injury, he taught himself music production and composition, integrating his marketing degree into the establishment of Kasirivu Productions.

His production company includes digital house record labels, We Go Deep and The Bliss Beyond, and his music, characterized by a fusion of genres, has gained recognition in the industry. Kasirivu describes his compositions as an emotional outlet that listeners can either sit and enjoy or dance to on top of a table.

Kasirivu’s diligent work has led to over 50 music projects, collaborations with renowned artists, and features on various record labels and shows. Despite his success, he remains humble, attributing his work ethic to his parents and crediting his achievements to his unwavering faith in a higher power.

In addition to family and faith, Kasirivu acknowledges the crucial support he received from the Chris Burger Players’ Fund, which aided him in navigating life after the injury. Grateful for the assistance in essential equipment and medical supplies, he emphasizes the importance of doing the best with what one has and trusting in faith to overcome challenges.

As he continues his journey of healing and personal growth, Kasirivu’s story serves as an inspiration for others to persevere and embrace the possibilities that arise from life’s unexpected turns.