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AyaProw releases latest EP titled “An Aries”

Apr 7, 2023

The Khayelitsha-born DJ’s ability to curate a collaborative project with symbolism and constant theme of perseverance, self-empowerment, faith, and resilience. “An Aries” acts as a vehicle for stories of being on the rise and a positive outlook on vulnerability (“ZizoJikizinto”, resilience, and faith in oneself (“Injabulo”), he gives us a feeling of euphoria and an electro infusion through (“Save Me”) and takes a classic direction with (“Xhosa Mermaid”) over an assortment of beats tied together by the recurring theme and lyrical elements—the work of a notable creative team of producers and engineers including the likes of Eight08, Audio Addicts, NaCo, DJ Stresser, Given Kau and L Shine.

On his second solo release, an EP titled “An Aries”, AyaProw boldly embraces a conscious and mature sonic direction. “I decided to work on “An Aries” which defines who I have been to who I am right now, the journey of healing is not easy and it’s lonely”, he shares. AyaProws choice of production curation has a special way of putting a lyrical spin over log-drum-laden instrumentation, creating a world for each song. On “An Aries” he enlists Mgiftoz SA, Ora Dee, Lu Ngobo, Kwazi M, Given Kanu, Thatohatsi, and Eight08ICU to create the sonic direction for “An Aries” form the core of the DJ’s second studio release.

An Aries - AyaProw


Here is “An Aries” tracklist and features breakdown below:

Available on all digital streaming platforms

  • ZizoJikizinto – AyaProw & Eight08ICU ft Machine 11, Mgiftoz SA and Ora Dee
  • Save me – AyaProw & Audio Addicts ft Kwazi M
  • Injabulo – AyaProw & NaCo ft Lu Ngobo and L Shine
  • Nkosi Yam ft Thatohatsi
  • Xhosa Mermaid by AyaProw, Dj Stresser and Given Kanu
  • Vudu – AyaProw & Audio Addicts