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Blayze releases his latest hit single: Zwakala

Jul 11, 2016


Zwakala is the latest single released by rapper and producer Blayze. The single features Moneoa as well as Lebo Lukewarm and is produced by Noyas. The single is a feel good song about waiting for the weekend to hook up with the person you met earlier in the week and making plans to have fun. It has a summer feel to it although we’re in the middle of winter. Blayze has always wanted to work with Moneoa and this finally came to light. Coincidentally the song was recorded in winter last year and literally dropped a year later. Blayze and Lebo have collaborated before and often spend time creatively in studio. The song further showcases Blayze’s versatility and ease to accommodate any sound and direction he chooses. A new video and number pus more singles and collaborations are planned for the rest of the year.

To listen please click on the link below: