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Blended (Film) Producer praises Wamkelekile synch by Hot Water

Oct 5, 2017

Blended (2014) starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore is trademark romantic comedy directed by Frank Coraci, set in Sun City South Africa. The film went on to attain decent success at the Box Office racking in $128 Million.

Kevin Grady (Happy Madison Productions), producer of the Warner Bro’s film holds particular praise however for the song Wamkelekile by Hot Water, otherwise known as Donovan Copley, that went on to become arguably the most memorable piece of music within the film.

“Wamkelekile is one of the songs that I am most proud of for having the opportunity to place in Blended. The montage scene that it plays in was supposed to signify the coming together of the families in the story and it was a huge task to come up with a song that plays the tone and emotion of what we needed. 

I really wanted to find a song that embodied South Africa, the story, and the journey of the characters within the story. I think Wamkelekile not only does that, but it’s also a fun, catchy and playful song that people just love.

So thank you for the song, and the opportunity for us to place it in our movie.”

It didn’t stop there for Wamkelekile, the song also has over 1 million streams on Spotify.

Listen to the infectious Wamkelekile below: