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Botswana International Music Conference is Here

Nov 21, 2018

The 2018 instalment of the Botswana International Music Conference (BIMC) will be held at the National Museum in Gaborone from 28 to 30 November.

The event, which is in its fourth edition, will run under the theme The Long Walk to Change.

Confirmed speakers include Paulo Chibanga (Azgo Festival, Mozambique), Karabo Motijoane (Sheer Publishing, South Africa), Sechaba Mokogo (Young Musicians Emporium, Lesotho), Paul Sibisi (RiSA, South Africa), Brad Holmes (Bassline, South Africa) and Kabubi Herman (Bayimba, Uganda).

They will be joined by Moses Monamodi (IMPRA, South Africa), Seabelo Modibe (Publisher, Botswana), Liz Lenjo (Intellectual Property Lawyer, Kenya) and Sphe Mbele (The Music Imbizo, South Africa).

“We have something for everyone. This year’s conference aims to change the way music practitioners view the industry,” BIMC’s Seabelo Modibe said. “It’s a fact that the industry has grown over the years, both in terms of returns and competition. Sadly such growth has not trickled down to the artists.

“It is only a few who are growing while others are lagging behind. Therefore, BIMC wants to teach music practitioners about the business of music. They have to treat music like a business and seriously invest in their brands. That’s the only way they can make a living out of music.”

Modibe said speakers were drawn from different sections of the music industry.

“We have a powerful line-up of speakers who ply their trade throughout the music industry value chain,” he said.

“We have record label executives, promoters, event organisers and even regulators from a number of African countries such as Uganda, South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho and Kenya. We want attendants to interact with these people freely and ask questions in a relaxed atmosphere. Everyone must come out of the conference with something to take home and implement for the betterment of the industry.”

Founded in 2015, BIMC is known for luring music industry professionals, radio and TV presenters, artists, managers, record label executives, regulators, online music marketers and others. The event is designed to connect artists and professionals within the SADC community and is intended to build new partnerships, promote business and discover talent.

Meanwhile, the second edition of Music In Africa Conference for Collaborations, Exchange and Showcases (ACCESS) was held in Nairobi, Kenya over the weekend.

Source – MusicInAfrica