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Breathing Sunshine in Cape Town

Oct 5, 2015

Breathe Sunshine

The Sheer Publishing creative department attended the Breathe Sunshine African Music Conference in Cape Town with head of commercial in the department participating in a panel discussion.

The Breathe Sunshine African Music Conference which attracts like-minded music enthusiasts to share knowledge.

Our music industry is exciting and growing fast but we believe that more knowledge transfer, training and unity is needed to help us realise our true global potential.

The fourth annual music conference gave an opportunity to connect and network with the sharpest minds in the industry and meet some of the most exiting artists in Africa. Exchange and share ideas while learning about the business of music, the latest trends and how to earn from your art to build sustainable careers.

The conference consisted of the following dynamic and interactive activities:

  • technical workshops
  • keynote talks
  • panel discussions
  • industry indabas
  • showcases
  • on the couch interviews
  • networking parties

Sheer Publishing and its team is very passionate about the sharing of knowledge and interacting with the industry in a constructive way.

We look forward to support Breathe Sunshine Next year!

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