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Client profile: Patric Mbenenge

Sep 23, 2021

My stage name is Left n Ezzy Jakkalas no vriend. What inspired this name is that I’m left-handed, also and I’m an easy person to get along with, I’m a friend with music.

I was born in Khutsong Carletonville, growing up in Mohlakeng Randfontein where my music and dance journey started, I lost my parents when I was 16 years while still in high school, I and my siblings were raised by my mom, I become a parent at an early age by raising my siblings to make sure they eat, dress and go to school. My background made me push harder, hustle more because I knew that I don’t have anyone but myself, and God.

My music aims to give the world peace and forgiveness, dance, and have fun.

My creative process happens in the am when it’s quiet will have a beat in my head and start composing melody and writing lyrics.

My biggest influences are Africa, I love being African, I love being black, the history, and the culture, the food, the diversity of music.

I developed my career from working with the legendary Johnny Clegg for 12 years before he passed away, as a dancer and choreographer going live shows across the world.

The advice I can give to aspiring composers is music needs time, sacrifice, and capital. I have worked with few composers.

The highlight of my career is hearing my song title ‘Zoom’ on the radio after so many years.

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