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Dj Tokzen Drops His Album With A Big Bang!

May 16, 2016

Dj Tokzen

This past weekend saw Dj Tokzen launching his much anticipated albulm Mmthi’s Essential Selection Volume 7 at the FNB stadium.

Lloyd Ncuthe – a legend better known as Dj Tokzen, recently released his new album at the FNB Stadium. Needless to say that just having an event at the esteemed venue is no small feat but this man did it, and Sheer Publishing applauds him.

Dj Tokzen was unfortunately let down by the weather but he still managed to achieve some of his goals despite Mother Nature. One of the main reasons the venue was chosen was to accommodate the many supporters of the Mmthi’s from all corners of life and “it was not about filling up the stadium” he emphasized. One would think that this launch was just about dropping the album but I guarantee you it was most definitely not. This event also took place in order to assist the music stores with their sales (by boosting cd sales) as the bulk of their revenue still come from tangible albums. “Music stores are closing down. People are losing jobs”, Tokzen accentuates.

The biggest CD launch in the world was also a platform to show case Tokzen’s Sound Hire- a company that specialises in concert audio equipment. He wanted to exhibit that, not only is he capable of equipping an event of this magnitude, he can also do it as well as our country’s premier event and live entertainment companies. This also enabled him to educate the youth that worked at the event on lighting, rigging, etc. as well as to give them the opportunity to work at a venue of this size to give them one up in the industry.

Mmthi’s 7 came after a long break from Mmthis 6 and this was due to the fact that Mmthi’s 5 and 6 did not do as well as he had anticipated. Dj Tokzen decided to take his time with Mmthi’s 7 to work and master the album and drop it with a big bang. He did not want to rush the project, and this definitely has also build up the anticipation.

Keep your ear to the ground for upcoming tours (hints: it is wear the demand is. So if you want the man himself in your province- so be sure to demand him.)

It is good to have him back in full force and we, for one, are looking forward to seeing what more he has in store.