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Downtown/Sheer latest signing Camidoh (Ghana) releases new EP

Jan 26, 2023

Sheer is proud to represent Camidoh. In 2022 Camidoh’s song ‘Sugarcane’ was a global success, spreading his name across the world of social media and beyond.

Camidoh has united with Grind Dont Stop (GDS) on their first EP ‘A lifetime is not enough’. They reckon the January release of this GDS EP is set to revolutionise the African music scene, with its unique blend of soulful RnB and afro beats, creating a sound quite unlike anything else out there. ‘A lifetime is not enough’ consists of 6 tracks each with its own distinct flavour, perfect for DJs looking to bring something new to the dancefloor.

Camidoh, joined forces with GDS to add his magic onto every track, adding an element of surprise to this exciting new release. With GDS and Camidoh uniting for this EP music fans are in for a real treat!

Camidoh sets out to dominate this year, as he further cements his global penetration with an album release on the way later this year. ‘A lifetime is not enough’ is sure to be a hit and with Camidoh’s signature sound shining through, you can be sure that it will have you dancing, singing & reminiscing.

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