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Dr Buselaphi: The Queen of Maskandi Music and her journey to success

Mar 20, 2023

Buselaphi was born in South Africa, KwaZulu Natal at Nongoma, Ngolotshe area. She grew up in that area and during her childhood she was a very respectful little girl among her community children. Regardless of whether old or little, this was instilled by her parents as a basic norm towards life as a whole. She then started her education school at Ngolotsha Community School, where she showed to be an amazingly extraordinary child at a very young age. 8 years later She participated in extramural sports activities and excelled in them, namely: she was so good in netball as a goal score and an excellent singer in a school choir, and other cultural activities Such as Dancers and Beadwork. She finished her primary level school at Hlambanyathi Primary School where she was already a star in traditional music. Due to financial constraints, she had to stop from going to her higher level at High school and, she decided to stay home for 3 years to pick up until she managed her financial stability. The situation was better for her to continue with her Education.

There for she attended at Hambangendlela High School to continue with her Education and finished her matric at PhumuzuZulu High School. Throughout her days in high school, she continued being the best in netball and traditional music. After matriculating, she asked from her parents to go look for the job in Johannesburg, which they gave her their blessing and she leave her home area Ngolotshwe. A month later in Johannesburg she was hired as a security guard and she
worked well. In the year 1993, she met a man called Mr. Simosakhe Mthalane, the late. Which we meet at the Lift in the flat where we were staying together on my way coming from work. This man had a guitar on him, and we started talking together, He was asking that do I know any person or ladies from KwaZulu-Natal that he can start a traditional music band with him. That was where her opportunity pursued. her music talent become professionally. Is where we form a group called Imithente, the traditional music group was formed, which she was a lead singer and composed some of the songs in the group together with Mr Mthalane. Imithente was signed by Gallo Records, releasing 13 albums. As the maskandi group, they recorded the Hit songs, and they were honoured with various nominees, certificates and awards. They travel Locally and abroad on their traditional Music.

Buselaphi Travel International Countries including:

• France 2004
• Vienna 2007
• India 2007
• Algeria 2010

Buselaphi also travelled African Countries such as Zimbabwe, Swaziland and more. The group also managed to cover all the 9 Province of South Africa on her Music Career. As Dr Buselaphi the (Queen of Maskandi Music).

Her Journey Continues.

Buselaphi didn’t stop there as musician. Music was running through her veins, As a composer she composed her Solo Album in 2005 called Thwa’Inco, While she was with the Imithente Group. She also signed with Gallo Records and released 3 albums: Thwal’Inco, Yibo Laba and Umendo. This is where her success of Music bounds to the world, Which show that indeed you are a root canal of traditional Music which translated as Isizulu Music. she was already a star from Imithente group, Buselaphi is famously genres of Amahubo, Imigqigqo and Izinkondlo zomakoti. That is unique of her music. In 2000 she then decided to go further with her studies, going to a tertiary business school called Start Up Business College where she did business management and graduated after one year. There for she formed a music company with her husband called B.W.Music Production. Her husband who she met during the early days of Imithente, being the sound engineer and the producer in the music industry. Buselaphi MaButhelezi Gxowa married by Woyisile Gxowa, known as Bazooka in the music industry. In 2004 they were blessed in their Matrimony and blessed with one daughter. Their music company (recording label) has signed a lot of remarkable artists, namely: NtomboMxhosa, AmaZwide, Izihlabathi Zolwandle, Abafana Bothando, Umlamuli, Iminyezane, Bazooka and even the Queen herself, Buselaphi. She has released 6 albums under B.W.Music Production being Inkunzi Emalunde, Yekani Ukubulala Obhejane, Gijima Ntuthwane, GabiGabi, Yaqhum’Imbadada/Dlala Ntombazane and Umakhandakhanda with the featured of Camagwini and Shota, being the latest.

Buselaphi grew thanks to her both families and the people who supporting her and buying her music and mostly to every individual that had contributed to her success of music. The artist she had an opportunity to perform with other nations on her band. She has also been honoured with various nominations which are as follows:

• Zululand District Mayoral Award 2009
• Zululand District Mayoral Award 2015
• Best Female Amantshontsho Award 2013
• Best Female SAVA Award 2013
• Best Female SATMA Award 2015
• Best Female Amantshontsho 2016
• Best Female SATMA Award 2017
• Capital Award 2016
• Life Changers Award 2017
• Maz Ambassadors Award 2016
• Best Ekurhuleni Award 2016
• Best Female SAVA Award 2017 • Best Female SAVA 2015
• Doctorate Honourably Dr 2018

Buselaphi also been honoured with 24 Certificate in various different institute of Music and Community Districts.

Appreciation 2014, Correctional Services Brand Joburg Medium C- Certificate of Appreciation 2015 and 2016, Big Dee Entertainment-Certificate of Appreciation 2015, South African Traditional Music Achievements Awards (SATMAS) – Best Female Album Nominee Certificates 2007, 2014, 2015 and 2017. South African Traditional Music Achievements Awards (SATMAS)-Most Downloaded Song Nominee Certificate 2014, South African Traditional Music Achievements Awards (SATMAS) Best Maskandi Album Nominee Certificates 2015 and 2016.South African Traditional Music Achievements Awards (SATMAS)-Best Video Nominee Certificate 2016.South African Traditional Music Achievements Awards (SATMAS)-Best Song of the Year Certificate 2016. South African Music Awards (SAMA)-Best Maskandi Album Nominee 2014 and 2016. Life Changers Awards – Lifetime Achievement Certificate 2018.

These achievements are 15 awards and 24 certificates. She attended a Gala dinner at Dlaba Production in Stanger where Dlaba Production announced that Buselaphi will be Honoured as the doctorate Musician in the Maskandi Music in officially 21 June 2018.

In September the Royal House of Zulu Kingdom appointed Buselaphi to go teach the children Amahubo which is hymn song. That was a huge opportunity for Buselaphi because that road was prepared for the king’s visit and whole royal house. That was to embrace the Zulu kingdom’s heritage and the diversity of their mother tongue. Buselaphi in her Community played a big role, making sure that all services compliances are delivered to the community. The queen of Music was also appointed by Bhodloza Foundation to play the role of Judging the upcoming talented musicians in the maskandi sector At Kwa Zulu Natal.

Buselaphi is also able to unite the Musicians that were not united and pointing each other. In her Music continues to sing the Uniting songs and able to collaborate with other different Musicians in a different languages, which showed the world that a queen is a forgivable person who wishes everyone that can be like her to work together to win this battle of bad habits in the Industry of Music.

Buselaphi Albums.

1. Thwal’Inco Recorded 2005
2. Yibo Laba Recorded 2007
3. Umendo Recorded 2009
4. Inkunzi Emalunde Recorded 2010
5. Yekani Ukubulala Obhejane Recorded 2011
6. Gijima Ntuthwane Recorded 2012
7. The best of Buselaphi DVD Recorded 2013
8. Gabi Gabi Recorded 2015
9. Dlala Ntombazane Recorded 2016
10. Makhandakhanda Recorded 2017
11. Ungibulalisa NgamaZondo Recorded 2018

Buselaphi Receives Doctrate Through Her Journey In The Music Industry As “Queen Of Maskandi Music”

Buselaphi, the Queen of Maskandi music was honoured by the University of Zululand through Dlaba Production After they acknowledge her performance ropes in the Music industry also her participation in the Community. Dlaba Production there for they appointed her as the first women in the Music Sector to be Honoured also encouraged her to do more to her own people and the Community. Buselaphi is a Hard working person who put people together through her songs to unite the country and people abroad. Her music is based in building the Nation and also, Collaborating with other Nations. This Queen of Music is the first well-known person who was able to share the stage with Maskandi Man for performances.

The Queen of Maskandi on 21 June 2018 The Legend received her Doctorate (Dr) In the University of Zululand. Her Doctorate is representing her as First Woman in Maskandi to get such gift through her Journey . Buselaphi her wishes is still grooming young talented youth to honour this Traditional Music roots canal. She embrace her culture to the Nations.

Missions and Visions.

• Grooming the Youth for Future in the Music Industry
• Training the Upcoming and the gently ones.
• Our Country’s diversity in heritage and Culture in South Africa.

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