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Eight Film Fragments by William Kentridge with Live Music by Philip Miller.

Jun 20, 2013

“I started working with William Kentridge in 1993 on his film, Felix in Exile, part of his Soho Eckstein series. Many years later, this strange, unpredictable process of putting music with moving image together continues to fascinate us. How a sequence of images is read when one piece of music is heard and conversely. How we hear music, when one set of images is chosen over another, is the exploration upon which we embark upon. Returning to these films for this live performance has compelled me to re-examine the music afresh. Of course, the challenge goes beyond trying to re-create a facsimile of the original recorded soundtrack. I had to start the composition process again. While the original musical motif may still remain, a new composition emerges. A choice of an original instrumentation is jettisoned. A new quality in the performance is found without the reliance on technology available in a recording studio. I have returned to the very beginning of making music for silent films – a solitary pianist in the movie theatre. But this concert deviates slightly from this description of the lone pianist. It is the premiere of the live performance of three new films, arranged for piano and voice from the installation, The Refusal of Time, first presented at Dokumenta 13. It is a pleasure to welcome back Vincenzo Pasquariello and to introduce Joanna Dudley from the original cast of Refuse the Hour, who created an extraordinary sound world for these films.”

Philip Miller

1h15 / vidéo HD / couleur / colour / vostf
Films et extraits / Films and film fragments made by : William Kentridge
Editing : Catherine Meyburgh
Music : Philip Miller
Piano : Vincenzo Pasquariello
Voix / Voice : Joanna Dudley (Shards, A Universal Archive of Images, Rebnember Nuh, Tango for Page Turning)
Source : William Kentridge

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