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Employee Focus: Vivienne Daniels

Jan 28, 2019

Sheer is delighted to welcome Vivienne Daniels as our Library Manager.

1. Why did you get into the music industry? Curiosity I guess, finding out how and what makes this very diverse industry tick.

2. What is your favourite genre of music? Hip Hop

3. How has your experience at Sheer differed from your other work environments thus far? My tenure at SAMRO and CAPASSO assisted my knowledge of the music industry, which has now enabled me to approach the likes of production companies, ad agencies, etc … with much more influence in assisting and branding Sheer repertoire.

4. Who is your role model? My dad.

5. What is your view on the future of Library music? Being very active online will influence the way library music is used and ensure the growth of the industry.

6. Any exciting plans for 2019? I foresee some exciting challenges in the year ahead and I am looking forward to this challenge, cannot reveal much of my plans though.