Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Sheer publishing?

Sheer Music Publishing is the largest independent music publisher in Africa. It is a subsidiary of Downtown Music Services – a modern global music company with over 20 million music assets from hundreds of countries across six continents. Sheer Music Publishing functions as a standalone business within Downtown’s portfolio of global music publishing, distribution, monetization, artist, and label services businesses.

What does Sheer publishing do?

Sheer Publishing represents the intellectual property of songwriters. We help songwriters with their administrative responsibilities, income tracking, licensing, pitching existing works, relationship building, creating co-writing opportunities etc. We also make time to educate our clients and the industry about music publishing.

What does an artist need to get representation from Sheer?

An artist needs to send 3 of his best songs, social media links and a profile to This will be played for the listening committee and if the team likes the music they will be in touch.

How do we contact Sheer?

They call into the office at 0114387000 or Go to our website at Tap on ‘Contact us’, type out the information where necessary and it will send the query directly to  

What's the Difference between a Deed of Assignment and Exclusive Writer’s agreement?

An Exclusive Writer’s Agreement assigns the writer’s whole catalogue to Sheer Publishing for the term of the contract whereby a Deed of Assignment assigns a certain amount of songs and not the whole catalogue.

What services does Sheer offer?
  • Worldwide Copyright protection
  • SAMRO Registration of Works/Songs and liaison
  • CAPASSO Registration of Works and liaison
  • Collection/Tracking of music royalties
  • Mechanical Royalties (Royalties from CD reproduction/ Royalties from Digital Sales downloads)
  • Public Performance Royalties (Royalties from music being played on Radio/Commercials/TV Shows etc.)
  • Sync Licensing (Royalties from music being licensed to Commercials/Movies etc.)
  • Print (Royalties from lyrics published on books, websites, etc.)
  • Other general copyright-related tasks like sample clearance, pitching music for opportunities, relationship building, etc.
What are the requirements for joining Sheer?
  1. Three of your/their best works in an MP3 format.
  • Must be mixed and mastered.
  • Must have album artwork.
  • Correct metadata – full artist, title information, composer author details.
  1. A short and clear biography.
  1. Your social media links.

Music without the above will not be considered.

Southern African Music Rights Organisation

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Postal Address:
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