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GRD will boost legal online content say Music Publishers

Jan 5, 2011

Initiative is good news for creative innovation and will ensure fair and prompt payment for artists

International Confederation of Music Publishers (ICMP)20 December 2010; The decision to give the go-ahead to two companies to launch the Global Repertoire Database (GRD) for musical works is one of the most significant developments for the music industry this millennium says the International Confederation of Music Publishers (ICMP).

ICMP is delighted that International Copyright Enterprise (ICE) and Deloitte have been appointed to launch the GRD in an initiative that will create one, single database carrying all information about the ownership and control of musical works.

“This is one of the most exciting developments for our industry in years, and will create one repository where users can track and trace ownership of music,” said ICMP President, Nicolas Galibert.  “The initiative will give a huge boost to legal content online as it will lower the administrative barriers that have existed to date and make it simpler for users to find and pay rights owners.”

ICMP members have committed to placing their repertoire data in this open, transparent and efficient Global Repertoire Database, and urge all writers, music rights holders and rights managers to also make their repertoires available.

ICE and Deloitte will now embark on a scoping and stakeholder Consultation Study planned to conclude in Autumn 2011.  The music publishing industry will now be cooperating with the Working Group to consider issues such as data workflow, finance and governance.



For further information please contact:

Ger Hatton, Secretary General, ICMP, +32 2 7917568


About the GRD WG

In September 2008 Commissioner Kroes initiated the Online Commerce Roundtable whereby a selection of music rights holders and rights managers, music service providers and consumer representatives met to discuss issues relating to the provision of online music services[1]. The participants, iTunes, Amazon, Nokia, PRS for Music, SACEM, STIM, EMI Music Publishing and Universal Music Publishing Group, were invited by the European Commission to set up the Global Repertoire Database Working Group to carry forward the work initiated in the Online Commerce Roundtable.

The Working Group published a Request for Information in April of this year, which received in excess of thirty responses from a range of rights owners, music licensees and technology service providers. The Working Group used elements of these submissions to create a more formal Request for Proposals, which was published at the end of July. The Working Group received fourteen responses to the RfP and received more detailed presentations from some of those organisations. This has now led to the publication of the GRD Recommendations.

The recommendation document and more information about the whole project can be obtained at

Southern African Music Rights Organisation

27 (0)11 438 7000

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