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Highly anticipated release by VMSIX

Nov 11, 2012

VMSixWindhoek, Namibia – At long last, we can now bring you full details of VMSIX’s new album, Vocal Motion Six Classic, which hits the stores on October 28th 2012 in Namibia, and also available on the Internet in November, 2012.The album will mark the release of VMSIX’s third professional studio recording since 1999.

Since the group’s formation in 1999, VMSIX has built a broad and loyal fan base through their local and international tours. If you are drawn, captured, and moved by melody and harmony, you owe it to yourself to experience the new CD entitled “Classic” by VMSIX
VMSIX partnered with the highly in-demand producer, Wouter J De Bruyn to create this project. As a result, one can experience the richness of lead vocals that offset the tension between vocals and underlying power chords. VMSIX sings exactly the right number of notes, ensuring that the melodies and harmony are neither reductively simplistic nor self-gratifying. As always, VMSIX exhibits its trademark: superb synchronization, rich harmony, rhythms that are muscular and complex, and uniquely diverse styles that accentuate the natural dynamics of any song.

The new release of “Classic” by VMSIX, will undoubtedly turn heads, forcing classic icons to watch their rear-view mirrors as these guys pull up with sophistication and style. This is an acapella group presenting music classics with full harmony. Testosterone infused, melodic, and harmony power best describes their music. There are also many musical moments highlighting a progressive edge and showcasing immense vocal talent.

VMSIX presents a stunning vocal performance, showing a much more matured band that delivers a heavier more aggressive sound, beautifully mixing powerful melodic and harmonic progressive elements ranging from David Walter Foster, Paul Schwartz, and lyrics of A’ll improvisso (in Italian!) to “Bridge over Troubled Waters” by Paul Simon. This intricate production makes this album a must hear for any true classic fan or just a follower of VMSIX music.

The “Classic” album was produced by VMSIX, and mixed and mastered by W. J De Bruyn. The album also features John Titus as a very special guests, doing the song “ I believe in you”.

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