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Hira -In Her Own Words

Sep 1, 2021

Tell us about yourself!

  • Positive Role model and Influencer using my Music to uplift and inspire Youth and everyone really E.g. the song run, the inspiration here was ‘inspiration’ itself.
  • At times life can feel like it’s against you so I wanted to write something that can uplift people and something they can also jam to as many people are really struggling right now.
  • This song run likens life to the running of a car, even though times may be really difficult it is important to stay strong, remain positive and keep your own engine running, figuratively speaking.
  • My aspiration is to get my music played Locally and then eventually, also international, that would be a great achievement for me.

Who Inspires Hira?

  • Developing as a vocalist I turned to Ariana Grande a lot as inspiration and guidance, I am a big fan of hers. My mom also inspires me as she has done so much for me and is definitely my biggest supporter when it comes to my music, she is one of the strongest women I know. I also really love BTS as their music teaches self-love and they are extremely creative and hard-working. I love all genres, Queen, Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey and others.
  • I love Micasas song ‘Mamela’, his voice is beautiful and I would like to work with him, also Cornell cruise ‘Take me to the river’ is amazing. Nasty C is an awesome rapper and it would be cool to do a song with him too. It would be awesome to someday sing with Ariana and BTS, dream big you know!

Who is Hira personally? 

  • Born in Jhb, currently in matric at Northcliff high.
  • Singing since the age of 9 and ever since then I have had a great passion for music and all throughout high school knew this is what I wanted to do.
  • I have made it to the finals of COPA, which was a great achievement for me.
  • I have also sung in the studio many times recording songs, however, RUN is my first single. I am in Matric currently.
  • I also love working out, baking, do my own creative hairdos, cut my own hair, love art, love hanging out with my friends, enjoy micro lighting as I am quite adventurous, ok I am adrenalin junk.
  • I am an artist who wants to empower people to embrace their fears and to teach people that staying strong isn’t not failing or not feeling down but being able to pick yourself up and believe that you can do it.

What’s Next for Hira?

  • Working on another song right now….so quite excited about this release…however, also have Matrix Prelims so am kind of playing a balancing act right now.