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New Year Housekeeping for Music Creators: 3 Things to Check off Your List

Jan 2, 2024

1. Revamp Your Catalogue:

Dive into the new year by giving your musical catalogue a fresh makeover.
Identify hidden gems and update your portfolio to reflect your evolving style.
A well-curated catalogue is your artistic resume – make sure it shines!

2. Cash in on Your Craft: Register Your (Unregistered) Songs for Royalties:

Maximise your earnings by ensuring all your songs are properly registered.
Don’t miss out on royalties – navigate the world of PROs and licensing.
Let your music work for you, financially and creatively.

3. Submit Enquiries on Unsettled Royalties:

Take control of your earnings by following up on unpaid royalties.
Submit inquiries to platforms and agencies to uncover any overlooked payments.
Your artistry deserves recognition and financial rewards – claim what’s rightfully yours.

Ready to kick off 2024 Together!

We’re back in the office and geared up to help you conquer the new year. Whether you’re a writer, producer, artist, or composer, let’s kick off the year together and optimise your musical journey. Reach out – we’re here to make your creative aspirations a reality!