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Introducing fadZ AND frenZ

Oct 12, 2012

Victor KunongaA labour of love whose time has finally come, this seasoned blend of homegrown talent with a sprinkling of international influence, is a dream come true for veteran songwriter, musician and producer Filbert Marova.

Literally translated “fadZ” means “For all da Zimbos” or for the more conservative ear, “ For All the Zimbabweans”. Being cognisant of the fact that Zimbabwean nationals are now in every corner of the world, this project aims to reach out and touch all the Zimbos wherever they are, be it right here at home or out there in the diaspora…..and “FrenZ” is quite simply just that ……….“Friends”……bringing together artistes from a variety of music backgrounds to produce a sound that is unique yet familiar.

The album will feature Sheer Publishing’s own Victor Kunonga (pictured above). Kunonga, the masterful story-teller and lyricist launched his latest album ‘Hatinete’ (taken from the song of the same name) which says we will persevere; the more you suppress us, the stronger we will emerge. Kunonga’s lyrics reflect the voices of the voiceless in contemporary Zimbabwe, emerging from crisis and social inequity. His songs and their popularity derive from a profound sense of dignity and social awareness; songs that address and confront issues of poverty, dispossession, and the rights and needs of ordinary people.

Victor was appointed Ambassador against Poverty in Southern Africa (GCAP). This role has since 2006 seen him coordinating and performing at the Stand Up Against Poverty concerts in Harare oldest townships, Mbare, Chitungwiza and Mabvuku, composing the theme songs. He has done similar work for Action Aid composing a hunger jingle/song, UNDP- sponsors of the National Aids Council, Action Pals a youth oriented magazine, he is also a fundraising committee member of the Football Against Aids in Zimbabwe.

The “fadZ” album, ladies and gentlemen, keeps it real,..….gives us a reason to keep hope alive….- keeps us grounded in the quest to promote local talent and above all, keeps us wanting more of where it came from. ……This is just the beginning! This stable called Fadz Music productions will continue to find that talent, kanga (stir) it and pakura (serve it up) it to music lovers not only in Zimbabwe but the world over.

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