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The 10th Annual Kenya Music Week recognised as a Kenya@50 Event

Nov 22, 2013

NAIROBI: The 10th Annual KENYA MUSIC WEEK; scheduled to run from Thursday 12th to Sunday 15th December 2013, has been officially recognized as one of the Events to celebrate the country’s 50 Years of Independence.

The four (4) day Annual Celebration of Kenyan music; held at the Sarit Centre Expo Hall in Westlands – Nairobi, has been held every December since 2004.

KENYA MUSIC WEEK is an annual Platform for the Kenya Music Industry to Trade (i.e. exhibit), Learn (i.e. workshop) and Showcase (i.e. perform).

KENYA MUSIC WEEK, has for 10 Years, consistently lived its Mission of helping to develop a Kenya Music Industry that is Professional, Transparent and Profitable for All; via the focused co-operation of all industry Stakeholders – such as: musicians, producers, promoters, distributors, consumers, government and NGOs”, said Mr. Bruce Odhiambo, Deputy Executive Director of Kenya@50. “Therefore, we are Proud to be Associated with such an initiative, where its own 10th Anniversary is coinciding with the 50th Anniversary of Kenya’s independence.”

The theme of the 10th Annual KENYA MUSIC WEEK is “Celebrating 50 years of Kenyan music”; and plans include:

1.     a decade-by-decade build-up for 5 weeks on KISS 100’s ‘Keepin it Kenyan’, every Sunday from 17th November to 15th December 2013.

2.     decade-by-decade Educational Workshops (i.e. Learning from our Past, to Plan our Future) on the Evolution of Kenya’s Music Industry, facilitated by David Muriithi (of Creative Enterprise Centre) and Tabu Osusa (of Ketebul Music).

3.     an Exhibition of fifty (50) Photographs (courtesy of Ketebul Music) of the Kenya Music Industry, which is intended to Tour for the next 12 months at various Exhibition Venues.

4.     a Live Recording Studio, to be operated by the Kenya Association of Music Producers (KAMP); whereby, Producers (i.e. their Members) will be on-hand to Record a Demo for upcoming Talent, of their Songs dedicated to Kenya.

The 10th Annual KENYA MUSIC WEEK is proudly Brought to you by HBR 103.5FM, HomeBoyz Entertainment, OneFM, Safaricom and Triple P television; and Supported by the Creative Enterprise Centre, Dotsavvy, Ketebul Music, KISS 100, the Music Copyright Society of Kenya, Plan A-Z and Spark Africa.

KENYA MUSIC WEEK is a decade-long Corporate Social Investment initiative, by PHAT! Music & Entertainment Limited (est. 1999) and Triple P Kenya Publicists (est. 2002)

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