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Louise Carver on Co-writing

Dec 1, 2016


Travelling and song writing are my two favourite passions and to be able to do both is true bliss for me.

I was flying to the States to support my song, ‘Sunrise’, which I wrote with Joe Bermudez [ and which topped the Billboard charts at no.1] and David Alexander suggested I meet up with publishers and writers in both New York and Toronto.

This was music to my ears, as my focus has always been on song writing.

It was my first time travelling to Canada and I absolutely loved meeting both the publishing team and my fellow songwriter, Jeen O’ Brian.

Jeen and I spent the day working together and I loved her folk/ pop style, which female Canadian song writers are so well known for.  

After a fantastic time in Canada, I jet-setted off to New York to meet the publishing team there and work with song writer Michael Tighe. Michael had an incredible electronic track he was working on and I immediately clicked with it, as I have done many dance songs before. We had a super productive day together and I can’t wait to finish the track that we started. Meeting the publishing team was also a lovely experience. I felt welcome and they were very interested in my work.

The trip was about starting to create relationships with publishers and writers abroad, which I feel I have done. Now it’s up to me to keep giving them great material and hopefully pop over again, as soon as possible!

Thanks Sheer publishing for all your support.

Louise Carver