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Meet your Composer: Buselaphi

Sep 28, 2018

1. Who are you? My name is Buselaphi Irene Gxowa.

2. Where do you come from? I come from Nongoma, Ngolotshe in KwaZulu-Natal.

3. How long have you been composing? I have been composing for 27 years, since 1993. I began composing with Imithente traditional group.

4. What is your creative process? How do you start creating a beat? / How do you start writing lyrics to a beat? My creative process is about stretching my mind and observing all that is around me; thinking about how it can help build our country or teach us something or raise awareness of what is right and wrong. In the house where the young boys and girls were singing the beat called Ihlombe, I established the main mood of the song, and based the lyrics on what I observed around me. The lyrics start to bond with the beat and the mood of the song and evokes emotion within the listener.

5. What made you chose a career in this field? I chose to be a Maskandi artist because it is my mother tongue, and I chose music because it is an easy way of addressing issues or fixing problems through listening to a message within a song. Music can also make people happy.

6. Did you do any courses for your career field? I did not study any courses in music. My mother taught me most of what I know, and today, I am a “Doctor” of Maskandi.

7. What advice can you give to aspiring composers? To the aspiring composers, please listen to people and always put your country first. Be Creative, teach the youth of today. I am a “doctor” of Maskandi Music because I love to entertain people and heal their souls with happiness.

8. Which other composer’s or artists have you worked with? I have worked with the Imithente Group for 18 years, Shota, Camagwini, Umlamuli, Izindlovukazi zikaMageba, Iminyezane and uMalahle.