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Meet your composer: D Mongz AKA Mongezi Edward Cokisa

Feb 22, 2019

  1. Who are you? I am Mongezi Cokisa aka “D Mongz” founder of D Mongz Music Productions.
  2. What’s your background? Born and raised in Sasolburg (Free State). Completed Matric in Sasolburg Technical High School. I fell in love with music when I received my first Casio keyboard as a pre-school gift from my parents. I further learned how to play different types of styles in school and also in Church. I studied Sound Engineering at Damelin in 2005, the ability to play different instruments fuelled my interests to creating music in different genres. I then decided to kick start my career as a full-time music producer, artist, DJ and Sound Engineer under D Mongz Music Productions
  3. How long have you been composing music? Started music career professionally in 2003
  4. What is your creative process? How do you start creating a composition? / How do you start writing lyrics to a composition? Inspiration and/ or mood. In short, I play what I feel at that moment. Its like writing down my feelings through sound.
  5. What does your work aim to say? Since I am skilled and able to produce multi genres. My work aims to excite, heal and sympathize, depending on the listeners mood. Thrill, horrify and keep in suspense when it comes to film scoring.
  6. What role does a songwriter have in society? Music is the voice for the ones who can’t express themselves, An inspiration to the ones with less confidence and hope to those who have lost hope in our society.
  7. What influenced you chose a career in this field? First of all I have always loved music, when I was growing up I’ve always asked myself, how does one put voices and instruments together? And then BOOM! Coca Cola pop stars comes on TV, and I was like ohhhhh, I have got to be in that particular studio. Then Wala! I found myself in JazzWorkx studio. The story its tool long…Hahaha (Laughs).
  8. Which current art world trends are you following? Film and Game scoring. Music always.
  9. Which songwriter have you worked with and how was the experience? RJ Zubz, Mgo, Proverb, Reason, AKA, Molimi, Khuli Chana, TUKS Senganga, H2O, Kabomo, Admiral and Jah Seed, Stoan, Lulo Café, Nick Explicit, Spaceman, JR, DJ Lemonka, Notshi, Kydo, Mawe2, Navio, Towdee Mac, Entity, Jay Stash, Katlego K.T, Lundi (late), Lolo (Masingitha), Base, Battle Cat. List is endless.
    It’s a nice experience. I learned a lot.
  10. What has been the highlight of your career? I’ll just give you one! Title:10111 Artist: DJ Lemonka & Mo’Molemi Album: Motswako Tape Released: 2012 Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  11. What advice can you give to aspiring music composers? Study your craft, keep an open mind and learn from others. Be persistent. Its not an over night thing, however it will pay out at the end. Stay positive and don’t be discouraged easily. Keep Ya Head Up!