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Meet Your Composer: Naomi

Dec 2, 2019

1. What’s your name? Danielle Naomi Sade Lottering

2. Where do you come from? Lusikisiki in Eastern Cape

3. How long have you been composing? Since 2017

4. What is your creative process? How do you start creating a beat? / How do you start writing lyrics to a beat? I hear music in my heart and mind then compose a song. When I listen to a beat composed by me or a producer the lyrics just come to me.

5. What made you chose a career in this field? I have always loved music from a young age until now.

6. Did you do any courses for your career field? No, I am willing to study music career.

7. What advice can you give to aspiring composers? Never give up hope. Push for your dreams.

8. Which other composer’s or artists have you worked with? Junior Greg, Kellz EC, Himself, Dasmabbz,Mercy, Zoe EC, Inverze.

9. What has been the highlight of your career? Composing the lyrics for the song Tragic by Micayla.