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Oct 5, 2012

Soul SuiterSheer Publishing chats with Wasiu Babatunde Adedeji AKA Soul Suiter

1. How long have you been composing?

I have been composing for 12 years

2. What is your creative process? How do you start creating a beat? How do you start writing lyrics to a beat?

My creative process starts from my mind where I create the rythm, the melody, the composition and the beat, after meditating on it for a while, then a clear picture of what the combination will look like as a song is formed and after that, I put it into physical action by writing out the lyrics, then I put the beat together as created in my mind and then I apply my music production skill to place the voicing of the lyrics on the beat with my wonderful mixing and mastering skills to bring the beauty of the song out as a “Hit”

3. What made you choose a career in this field?

Well the same reason that made birds chose flying as a creer and the same reason why fishes chose swimming as a career is the same reason I chose “Music” as a career, birds have the natural skill in flying and fish have the natural skill in swimming so also I have the natural skill in music (writing, singing, composing, making dope beat, mixing nice tunes and mastering out sound beauty)

4. Did you do any courses for your career field?

I can say I studied music scientifically, no formal music courses but I study music personally through observation, I do research every blessed day to stay ahead on my career

5. What advice can you give to aspiring composers?

Just be simple in your uniqness, always try out new ways of standing out from the crowd and with internet you have enough research material at your finger tips and most importantly, think well, that is “Meditate Your Inspiration Before Composition”.

6. What other composer’s or artistes have you worked with?

I have worked with numerouse local and international composers and artistes in the likes of Mayor Boss in Europe, Azuzu and Blackstar of illegal immigrants production in USA, Olay in USA, Culchar in UK, Krince Mulemga of Jazzy Records Africa in South Africa, Mr. Smith in Liberia, Big Diddo in Nigeria and many other local and international composers and artistes.

7. What has been the highlight of your career?

Being able to step into the international music scene through my local indie label with global vision “Soul Suiter Ent.”and the support of my Publishing Company in South Africa “Sheer Publishing” making of gradual reasonable global impact has really be the highlight of my career, I just finished recording my second album and ready to exploit the global music industry fully after puting plans together as finances, contracts, agreements and negotiations work out. I wont stop making new songs even as I have pending album waiting to be released.

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