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The Music Imbizo: How can you make money with publishing?

Sep 13, 2023

In a recent The Music Imbizo conference, we dove deep into the vibrant conversations about how digital platforms are shaking up the African music industry.  During the conference, a panel of experts, including Themba Molongoana, Warren Bokwe, Bulenazo, and Banda Banda, engaged in a conversation that delved into the impact of these platforms on the African music industry and how these platforms can benefit artists and composers.

Our Music Architect, Themba Molongoana, also took the attendees behind the scenes to explore the vital role of having a credible publisher like Sheer Publishing does for you in the music industry. He touched on earning from digital platforms like Spotify and Apple Music to earning through royalties and more. Watch this video to discover how Sheer Publishing ensures artists receive their due from CMOs such as SAMRO, CAPASSO, and SAMPRA, including monetising music in advertisements and television shows such as Shaka Ilembe.