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Businessman: Musos, don’t let fame get to your head!

Jun 20, 2023

ARTIST manager and businessman Themba Molongoana understands the musicians’ needs and struggles.

He told Daily Sun that he had learned all the ropes of being a great artist manager.

Themba said he wants musicians to learn to enquire about most things, especially deals so that they can make their brands visible and available to the public.

The businessman is best known for working with the likes of the award-winning rapper K.O., the late Robbie Malinga, Smashes, MAE, Kelly Khumalo, as well as Nomuzu Mavens.

“I’m currently A&R at Sheer Publishing and was on a Metro FM Music Conference Panel this past weekend. This has taught me a lot about musicians’ success,” he said.

He said it’s easy to make hits and not be seen, as it takes a lot to build a brand in the public space.

“Music plays an integral role in all aspects of life, and it is believed that every visual has its own suitable music. For this reason, as an A&R, we have forged and continue to maintain an excellent relationship with a diverse range of our clients,” he said.

Themba said he always strives to bring change with his knowledge into a musician’s life.

“Where words fail, music speaks. Life is like a beautiful melody. Only the lyrics are messed up,” he said.

Themba said he will always make sure that artists remember why they started their musical journey.

“Artists and Repertoire department will help nurture the artists, composers, and writers. They will also assist them to find opportunities while supporting the process financially with advances and supplying the top advertising agencies,” he said.

Themba said they also involve film studios with in-depth musical knowledge of what is needed for adverts, TV, and film.

His message to young talents is that they should always respect their craft.

“It’s important to know what you want as an artist. Don’t be taken by fame as it comes and goes. But taking care of your craft will sustain you in the near future,” he said.

Source: Daily Sun

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