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Nation Brand Forum 2018: Max-Hoba and Inspiring Excellence in Sports and Creativity

Nov 28, 2018

Brand South Africa hosted the third Nation Brand Forum this October, the theme of which being, “Inspiring Excellence in Sports and Creativity”.  The aim of the programme is to endorse a comprehensive approach to marketing South Africa internationally.

One of Sheer’s composers made quite an impression with his extraordinary show of talent and musicianship. Accomplished Afro-Soul and World Music artist, Max-Hoba, enhanced the Nation Brand image with his music and caught the attention of the Open World Project, who has incited him to perform on a collaborative CD recording in Paris with various African artists. Max-Hoba hopes to, “achieve a better sense of relations between people, our cultural tolerance and promote world peace. The idea is to find commonality in our cultures through music”.

Max-Hoba comments: “Brand South Africa acknowledges and thanks positive Nation Brand image enablers such as Max-Hoba and many more for being proud South Africans, who fly the flag through their work. A competitive Nation Brand is constructed mainly by its citizens something we all ought to remember” adds Ms Sithembile Ntombela.