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New Release: ‘More’ by FrenzyOffixial featuring DeeTheGeneral & Jeezy Fire

Jul 28, 2022

FrenzyOffixial, the Nigerian-born, South Africa adored music superstar, moves easily throughout Africa and the world, between his native Afro-Beat, pop, Amapiano, and Fela. His musical range speaks to the 21st-century youth.

In what might seem like a short while, FrenzyOffixial has released high-impact music including; ‘Blessings’ (2019), ‘Ire EP’ (2020) and ‘Skata’ featuring Phelo Bala (2020) ‘Monii’ featuring Kammu Dee (2021) ‘Freesoul EP’ (2021) ‘Gusheshe’ (2022) to mention a few, all of which embody the character of a deep soul. Not only does FrenzyOffixial sing so smoothly there’s evidence of heart and raw emotion to captivate listeners. He is combining his skill and versatility in communicating the African sound and using that to shape cultural norms.

“The song ‘More’ is all about how love is not the same without someone. Loving someone isn’t about what you can live with, accept, or tolerate. For me, it’s about the one person you can’t live without.” says the artist. FrenzyOffixial says he “learned to listen to what women go through,” noting “I also have a lot of female friends and pay attention to their stories. So this song is inspired by the thoughts and feelings of women and love.” FrenzyOffixial teamed up with unified entertainment soldiers DeeTheGeneral and Jeezy Fire who helped deliver this amazing work. This is definitely an Afro-pop masterpiece.

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