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A Philip Miller scored film “Of Good Report” receiving rave reviews

Aug 9, 2013

Of Good Report… Do we smell an Oscar nomination coming?

The movie made waves in July when the South African Film and Publication Board prohibited its scheduled screening as opening act at the Durban International Film Festival (DIFF), labelling it child pornography and refusing to classify it as a result.

The film tells the story of a school teacher Parker Sithole played by Mothusi Magano and Nolitha played by Petronella Tshuma, the schoolgirl of 16 with whom he has an affair.

After widespread media coverage, protests, and an appeal, prohibition on the film was lifted and it was given a 16NSV rating.

Of Good Report‘ producer Michael Auret confirmed that the film was entered into the running as nominee for Best Foreign Language Film at the 2013 Oscars. 

The reviews and tweets have been overwhelmingly positive.”

The Times newspaper had this to say about the film:

Jahmil XT Qubeka’s film is best viewed as a daring, refreshing, clever and darkly comic take on the serial killer origin genre rather than a comment on sugar daddies or social realities.

Made on a shoestring, shot in black and white, with excellent performances from its two leads and a perfectly unnerving score by Philip Miller, this is a film that continually surprises and surpasses expectations.

Rather it’s one of the most intriguing, surprising and intelligent pieces of cinema to come out of South Africa in decades. Of Good Report shines a ray of hopeful light for filmmakers who feel trapped by the belief that the only way to make films is to conform to the standards and interference of those who hold the purse strings. It is also a reminder that the best people to decide what we should be allowed to see are ourselves.

After an Emmy Nomination, here’s to look forward to a possible Oscar Nomination!!!! Congratulations Philip Miller on your great work.

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