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Sheer Publishing signs sub-publishing agreement with Wim Kwakman from Pennies from Heaven

Sep 26, 2013

Is it a song…?  Is it a movie..? Is it a TV series? You know what, all the answers are right!

Pennies from HeavenIn fact, Pennies From Heaven is a 1936 classic Bing Crosby song written by John Burke and Arthurs Johnson. Performed by the likes of Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, Tony Bennett, Dinah Washington, Arthur Tracy, Big Joe Turner, Stan Getz, Dean Martin, The Skyliners (a major hit in 1960), Louis Prima and many other jazz and popular singers. But Pennies From Heaven was also a film starring the same Bing Crosby in 1936. Another film carrying the same title was done in 1981 by Steve Martin (not one of his best by the way…). Hell, it was even a BBC TV series by Dennis Potter in the late seventies!

But above all, Pennies From Heaven is a Dutch music publisher with the coolest name. At least that’s what we think… We are a music publisher with a hands-on and proactive approach. Pennies From Heaven combines modern administration tools and old fashioned personal relationships to keep our writers and artist informed allowing them to focus on the what they do best; making music, writing songs.


The Pennies From Heaven catalogue harbors songs from critically acclaimed Dutch artists and writers like Urban Dance Squad, Junkie XL, Caro Emerald, Claw Boys Claw, Krezip, Daniël Lohues, Handsome Poets, Miss Montreal, Bertolf, Freek de Jonge, Brainpower, BEEF! and The Sheer to name a few.

At Pennies From Heaven, we love the art of artist development. We prioritise and help facilitate the creative process for our artists and songwriters. We help and equip our artists and songwriters with the necessary tools and means to reach their full potential. From finding producers, distributors, record companies or studios to funding the actual recordings. From creating new music to securing cuts in the global music market. Creative development is a priority for us. In fact it’s the future of the music business. Our business. Together with our writers and artist we are building a catalogue. In partnership.


Pennies From Heaven is an important and integral part of Agents After All, a new independent, ‘full service’ entertainment company. Agents After All started out in 2004, and have since then made their mark on the Dutch music industry and has since than developed in one of Hollands leading artist management company and booking agencies. They successfully manage Holland’s biggest rock / pop band BLØF, singer/songwriter Daniël Lohues and rock act The New Shining. Agents After All also handles theatre, club and festival bookings for an extensive but balanced roster. It is responsible for booking the likes Racoon, Handsome Poets, Alain Clark, Chef’Special, RIGBY, Krystl, Wicked Jazz Sounds, Kris Berry, Lisa Lois, Mainstreet, Mattanja Joy Bradley and many more.

Agents After All started out in 2004, and have since then made their mark on the Dutch music industry. Over recent is years it has developed in one of Hollands leading ‘full service’ music companies. Next to its publishing businesses Pennies From Heaven and The Missing Sync, the company also comprises of an artist management company and various booking agencies. In many cases Agents After All acts as an artist promotor in venues like Heineken Music Hall, Ahoy’ Rotterdam and Ziggo Dome.

Not only that, together with Hollands biggest pop / rock band BLØF, the company co-owns Hollands Top 4 festival Concert At SEA. A 2-day festival that takes place every summer in the southern part of Holland and draws approx. 80.000 visitors.

Because Agents After All caters for virtually every need of an artist (including publishing of course!), it is able to tailor the relationship to suit everyone. Not only to successfully launch and develop new and exiting careers. But also sustain existing ones. And built those relationships. On trust and passion for music. For the long run.


Furthermore, through it’s sister company The Missing Sync we also have close relationships with TV productions companies, (feature) film producers, advertising agencies in the Benelux for usage of Pennies From Heaven copyrights in commercials, feature films, TV films and documentaries. So what is The Missing Sync?

The Missing Sync is a leading music agency located in Amsterdam. The company was founded in 2004 as as a networking company that helps brands and advertising agencies by finding, producing and/or licensing the right music for their campaigns.

The Missing Sync produces, composes and licenses music for all forms of audiovisual communication. Over the span of our career, we have produced music for commercials, TV-leaders, station-identities, games, museums and movies. Whether you want a bagpipe to play over a break beat or an electro track with rocking guitars thrown into the mix, The Missing Sync will produce it for you. Or, if you prefer original copyright, they’ll find the right piece of music and license it.

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