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Joint Administration Sub-Publishing Deal for U.S. & Mexico

Dec 7, 2010

Independent publishing and licensing company pigFACTORY Music, whose roster includes recordings and songs by artists such as Fatboy Slim, Iggy Pop, and Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, and Sindee Levin Music, a leading music publishing and entertainment attorney, have entered into a unique, joint venture sub-publishing deal for the U.S. and Mexico, on behalf of renowned Sheer Publishing of South Africa. The announcement was made today by Keatly Haldeman, CEO, pigFACTORY Music, and Sindee Levin, founder, Sindee Levin Music.

Sheer Publishing, which has forged a strong identity in the world of South African music since its inception in 1995, is headed by music publisher David Alexander, in conjunction with his partner Karabo Motijoane. The Sheer catalogue is comprised of Pan-African music, including many of the biggest titles in the history of modern Africa.

Alexander said, “In Sheer Publishing’s partnership with Sindee Levin Music and pigFACTORY, we are tapping into an organizational framework that already exists to assist us in the development of a targeted and tailor-made entry to the North American marketplace. Sheer Publishing will continue to work on — and develop — this framework in partnership with Sindee Levin and Keatly Haldeman. The capacity, expertise and institutional knowledge of these partners are a vital component of the success of this new venture. These partnerships will allow Sheer Publishing to focus on strengthening its own services to our composer and publisher clients in Africa. We look forward to improved export results from our new music offering.”

Regarding the deal, Haldeman said, “Last year pigFACTORY placed two songs from the Sheer Publishing catalog into the hit film ‘District 9.’ On the heels of this success, we were fortunate enough to have expanded our dialogue with Sheer, which has now led to a more comprehensive, administration deal for North America. By combining forces with Sindee, we will jointly be providing to Sheer both well-established administration services, along with strong creative services, particularly in the areas of film, television, videogame and advertising placements.”

Adds Levin, “This interesting arrangement provides Sheer Publishing with the ‘best of both worlds.’ While my company provides over 25 years of expertise on the business side, especially in dealing with foreign publishing entities, Keatly and pigFACTORY provide a tremendous creative staff brimming with energy. Between us, we are certainly well versed in any and all situations that Sheer Publishing may encounter here. Also, since the World Cup event, more and more people in North America have become familiar with South African artists and their music. Sheer Publishing represents many of these wonderful performers and their material.”

The provision of sound and music and FX to the creative industry is the business and pleasure of South Africa-based Sheer Publishing. These two elements are the lifeblood of the company – their ever changing dimensions creating new possibilities and opportunities for the industry. Production music and sound effects are a frequently sought after element for broadcasters, TV, film and radio production houses and advertising agencies. Sheer Publishing supplies the widest selection of music and effects from its many and varied libraries – the largest of its kind in the world. Please see:

Sindee Levin is a veteran entertainment attorney whose credentials include business affairs at major film studios, music publishing and mechanical collection rights. A noted expert who speaks at conferences, panels and seminars nationwide, she is a well-versed authority on international as well as domestic business models. Levin, a 30+ year Hollywood veteran, has invaluable contacts, education and expertise; she is a powerful advocate for songwriters, composers, recording artists, music publishers and record labels. For more info, please see:

pigFACTORY Music Publishing specializes in the international placement of music in film, television, film trailers, advertising, and videogames, and in the collection of publishing royalties, worldwide. To that end, the company leverages an advanced digital publishing system to proactively exploit its clients’ music catalogues and track music publishing royalties, on a global scale. The company represents top songwriters, artists, record producers, labels, and publishers, with a roster of over 250,000 songs, including an extensive selection of classic hits.

pigFACTORY is one of the few independent publishers in the international marketplace to affiliate directly with a large number of royalty societies through-out the world. Via its direct memberships and partnerships, and by using state-of-the-art royalty software, pigFACTORY quickly and accurately registers its clients’ song catalogues with the publishing rights societies, and collects ‘at source’ in most major international territories.

The U.S. headquarters of pigFACTORY is 8075 W. Third Street, Suite #540, Los Angeles, CA, 90048. The phone is 323/653-1200, and the website is

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