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Pretoria Music Awards 2013 – Sheer Publishing client nominated

Dec 3, 2013

Sheer Publishing is excited to announce the nominations of Pretoria based clients 012South for the Pretoria Music Awards.  Nominated three times for Artist Of The Year, Song Of the Year and Best Hiphop Single for the hist track “Lost” if you would like to vote for 012South, please follow link below.

PMA 2013Pretoria Music Awards 2013 is the 2nd annual awards which has shown its level of success through the achievement from last year’s awards, it is however imperative that the second edition is much better and bigger.

Pretoria Music Awards 2013 is awards packaged to add value to the lives of the average youth who has put his or her talent to use through Music. The Awards is an avenue for them to get rewarded and be right there at the spotlight while we also strive to give them a face and of course recognition. The awards will be held on the 10th of December 2013 at the Pretoria hotel in Arcadia.

Congratulations once again for your nomination, 012South!