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Roc Lefatshe Records

Feb 7, 2022

Roc Lefatshe Records is an award-winning record label and multimedia entertainment company out of Botswana, Southern Africa. Committed to quality, wholesome entertainment without compromising commercial appeal the label has also collaborated with other artists and labels and produced multiple award-winning audio works, both locally and internationally.

The label has also proved inspirational and motivational with a focus on investing in quality music and talented artists, coaxing the best performances out of its artists, and delivering solid finished products.

The label believes making use of quality studio equipment is fundamental to the creation of great music, but that the skill of the person wielding these tools makes all the difference in obtaining the best result. Building on their experience in the music industry, they too have managed and produced various successful, customised projects within the television, content, and events arenas.

The labels skill base and experience covers:

• Planning and co-ordination in the creation of musical recordings
• Managing the production of audio works from the start to the end of the process.
• Monitoring and managing budgets and work schedules.
• Supervising music recording sessions, training musicians and artists.
• Overseeing the quality of the musical recordings
• Conceptualizing
• Artist Management and also Mentorship
• PR Services
• Vocal Coaching
• Marketing
• Artist And Repertoire (A&R)

Roc Lefatshe Records reinvest into developing new talent, for the love of the music, and pride themselves as a forward-thinking brand, embracing innovation while taking advantage of cutting-edge international affiliate networks.

Roc Lefatshe Records artists include Khoisan, A.T.I., Vee Mampeezy, Han-C, Baxon, Vusi Nova, Touchline, Ntsika and many others

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