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SAMRO Foundation bursaries, Mobility Fund and more…

Feb 8, 2017

Here’s to a fun-filled, musical 2017 to everyone. We’ve had time to reset our clocks and are ready to bring you more concerts this year. Read on to find out about on-going and upcoming tours happening through the assistance of our Mobility Fund; find out what publications such as Business Day had to say about our It Starts With A Heartbeat report; and brush up on our partner venues, some of which were written about in this article from The Guardian (UK). But first, the important news…

Mobility Fund

It came sooner than expected. But hey, it’s here, and the deadline’s sooner than anticipated, too.

Apply now for tour support from our Music Mobility Fund.

Applications deadline: Sunday 26th February 2017

The Ancient Agents‘ tour wrapped up last Sunday. They’ve played dates in Joburg and Durban, and headed towards Cape Town via the Eastern Cape. Check their Facebook page for live gig images and videos.
Joel Karabo Elliott connected with his music’s roots in Limpopo, a feat he says wouldn’t have been possible without initiatives such as our Mobility Fund program. It was an exclusively rural tour, something he says isn’t feasible financially, and relies “massively on funding and in-kind support from partner organisations.” 
Vanessa Moodley had a fantastic tour these past holidays. Check out her EPK for an overview of what she’s about.


We’re absolutely smitten with each and every one of the publications who’ve mentioned us recently, mostly for our It Starts With A Heartbeat report.
Business Day wrote about how music venues grow night economies, while the Sunday Times wrote about how live music is the best tonic for life. The Guardian also mentioned our partner venues in Cape Town, Joburg and Durban in their music-themed guide “South Africa for music lovers: sounding out the best experiences.”
Shouts out to all our friends in the media.

Venue Circuit

Bra McCoy Mrubata is linking up with Switzerland’s Mark Hauser as part of a Swiss/South African cultural exchange which was ignited in Switzerland in 2015. Follow the link for more details on their shows in Durban this coming weekend.
We harp on daily about these bits of awesomeness on our Facebook and Twitter channels, so treat yourself to greatness by checking us out every now and then.

SAMRO Foundation

The SAMRO Foundation invites music students at South African universities to apply for bursaries worth R10 000. If you’re in your second year and upwards of tertiary education, are a citizen of either Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland or South Africa, then you qualify to apply. Make 2017 your academic trojan. Ride it out. Live your best life, basically! Go to the SAMRO Foundation Online Application for more information and apply before 31 March 2017.