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Sheer Publishing is one of Africa’s largest independent Publishing houses and is currently looking to expand its client base within the African diaspora.

Sheer Publishing is a full-service Music Publisher and provides the following expertise:

• Library / Production Music Manager
• African Music Copyright Owner and Manager
• International Copyright Manager
• Film and Television Music Clearance and Supervision
• Jingle and Songwriter Representation
• Library / Production Music Manager

Production Music Library:

We represent local selections of vibrant and exciting libraries all designed to suit any television, film, or radio productions, boasting over 20,000 quality South African music compositions and  350,000+ international titles.

This wide range of music features Original African Vocal recordings dating back to the ’60s along with a host of musical genres, ranging from Amapiano, bush drums, Kwaito, House, African Jazz, Film Scores, Hip Hop, Sports Themes, and much more.

Every visual has its own suitable music, for this reason, we have forged and continue to maintain an excellent relationship with a diverse range of African composers and strive to promote and showcase our African music heritage. Our music is also available on the re-cue system.

Music Clearance and Supervision:

Sheer Publishing has a history of supplying the top advertising agencies and film studios with in-depth musical knowledge of what is needed for adverts, TV, and film.

With our vast catalogue rich with South African, African, and International Chart music ideal for synching purposes, Sheer Publishing offers the ultimate one-stop solution for all deals.

We have direct access to fully equipped studios enabling us to sync the relevant music to video for any type of pitch and quick clearance.

Copyright Management:

  • Worldwide Copyright protection
  • SAMRO Registration of Works/Songs and Liaison
  • CAPASSO Registration of Works and Liaison
  • Collection and Tracking of Music Royalties
  • Mechanical Royalties (Royalties from CD reproduction/ Royalties from Digital Sales downloads)
  • Public Performance Royalties (Royalties from music being played on Radio/Commercials/TV Shows etc.)
  • Sync Licensing (Royalties from music being licensed to Commercials/Movies etc.)
  • Print (Royalties from lyrics published on books, websites, etc.)
  • Other general copyright-related tasks like sample clearance, pitching music for opportunities, relationship building, etc.

Songwriter Representation:

Sheer Publishing represents the intellectual property of songwriters. We help songwriters with their administrative responsibilities, income tracking, licensing, pitching existing works, relationship building, creating co-writing opportunities etc. We also make time to educate our clients and the industry about music publishing.

We represent a range of Original Publishers including the following International clients:

Warner Chappell, Mute Song (UK), Passport Music (France), Dance Cave & Hitpick Songs (Netherlands), African Hypertext (France), Fastforward Songs (UK), Tanoca Music (USA), Basement Music (Brazil), Mushroom Music (Australia), Enja Records (Germany), Arcadia Entertainment (Austria), OmniMusic (U.S.A), Saragema Music (India), Upright Songs (Germany), Stickman Music (USA), Black River Music (Japan) Morning Music (Canada) Schacht Musikverlag (Germany), Atal Music (UK), Frochot Music (France), EP Music (UK), Median Music (Turkey), DL Music (USA), Budde Music Inc (USA), Rolf Budde Gmbh (Germany), Defected Music (UK), Times Music (India), D-Version (Greece), Greensleeves (UK), Missing Link Music (USA), Pennies from Heaven (Netherlands), SueCo (Canada), Van Heusen Music (USA).

We also represent the following South African clients for the world:

Ndozino Music (Mandoza), Faith Publishing (Kabelo), Chameleon Publishing (Chris Chameleon) VCK Music (Van Coke Cartel), BOMP (Brandon October) Stanti 23 (Sunette Bridges), Ernie Smith, Dr. Doctor Music (Farryl Purkiss), Jeff Maluleke, Ingoma Music (Zim Ngqwana), Jakk Songs (Kreesan), MC Music (Heroes Wear Red), MJOJO Music (Mojalefe Thebe), Mujava’s Music (DJ Mujava), Matlala Music (Phinda Mtya), Ratau Music (Ratau Mike Makhalemele), Tequila Publishing (Stimela), Shaluzamax Publishing (Max Mntambo), T-Tones Music (Moses Molelekwa), Moses Khumalo, TS Records (Zahara), Lolhiphop Records (Nde Ndifonka), Born Fire Entertainment (Ntando), Gito Baloi, Creature Songs (Beautiful Creatures), Thabiso Tsotetsi

Sheer Publishing also represents the following African clients for the world:

So Hype Records(Botswana); Victor Kunonga (Zimbabwe), VIP (Ghana), King Nee (Togo), Orentchy (Ivory Coast), Don Metok (Benin), Celebration Ministries (Zimbabwe), Soul Suiter (Nigeria), Jon Germain (Ghana), Eric Wainaina (Kenya), Sentinel (Burkina Faso), Matata (Nigeria), Ingwe Studios (Zimbabwe), Pidgen Music (Ghana), Almok (Togo), Gentle (Nigeria), Sherifa Gunu(Ghana), Oliveira (Angola), Harmann Hache (Ivory Coast), Omar B (Togo), ETS Comptoire Merchantile (Benin), Banjo Mosele (Botswana), Illinga Kamayi (DRC), Godson Sunny (Nigeria), Afafa (Benin), Tanselle (Mozambique), Ras Sheehama (Namibia), Apeson (Togo), Ngonyama Enterprises (Zimbabwe), Stephanie (Cameroon), King Mensah (Togo), Paparazzi (Nigeria), John Arcadius (Benin), Sis Kash (Gabon), Asem (Ghana) Suzanna Owiyo (Kenya), Penya Music (Kenya), Jackie Chandiru (Uganda)

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