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Sheer Publishing deal with Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON)

Jun 28, 2013

COSONCopyright Society of Nigeria (Coson) is one of the biggest copyright collection society in West Africa, in terms of producing large numbers of songwriters and composers in the territory as well as collecting and distributing royalties

Sheer publishing was in invited to Nigeria for Coson week in May this year, where we were able to meet with a lot of songwriters, composers and film makers in the country.

Copyright Society of Nigeria (Coson) music week awards night gave us an idea of compiling a Nigeria music CD to promote the music from Nigeria as we saw a lot of talent through their live performances at the Plaza Hotel on Victroria Island (Lagos). Sheer publishing was able to meet with some music organization eg. Spinlet who will be working with us on the upcoming Nigeria Awake Compilation vol 1.

Sheer Publishing and Coson Nigeria see the need to work together to uplift African music publishing on the continent, where the two bodies came into an agreement to build up a royalty collection relationship between Southern Africa and West Africa.

Sheer Publishing is now a direct member of COSON and will be able to collect performance income for all of our clients who have their music broadcast in Nigeria