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Sheer Publishing purchases Other Mother Songs catalogue

Feb 13, 2016


Sheer Publishing has recently purchased the catalogue for Other Mother Songs.

David Alexander, Managing Director of Sheer Publishing, comments, “We think Matt and Ryan have found some incredible composers who really understand writing for picture and we believe that our strong admin and sales team can add value to the music and make sure it is spread to local and international tv producers who will be eager to use the music.”

The feeling is mutual.

We are confident that our music is in the right hands at Sheer, and are so excited that the talent of these young and relevant artists will be given the distribution and support that they deserve. Sheer is a wonderful team of people, great molders of the SA music industry, and this new addition to their catalogue will thrill production companies with the freshest and edgiest urban sounds that convey a true experience of this multi-faceted country,” comments Matthew Klawansky, Co-Founder and Operations Director of Other Mother Songs, seconded by Co-Founder and CEO Ryan Lazarus.

Other Mother’s premium production music library currently comprises of 27 (and constantly growing) genre-specific digital albums. The music itself is created by musicians living and operating in and around South Africa’s townships and other urban areas

Who is Other Mother?

They are Explorers of the Cities. Believers of the Underdogs. Searchers for the Gold. Promoters of the Undiscovered. Endorsers of the Local. Fighters for the Talent. Encouragers of the Downtrodden. Mixers of the Unmixed. Masterers of the Masters. Champions of the Streets.

Other Mother has a catalogue of incredible niche sounds that includes:

Dark Downtown Soundz
Deep Downtown Soundz
Moonwalker Autumn/Winter/Spring/Summer
Emotive Falling/Climbing/Gliding/Sitting
Digital Funk
Organic Funk
Electro Glitch
Funk Glitch
Hard Hip-Hop
Hood Beatz Struttin’
Lo-Fi Rock
Psychedelic Trance
Urban Stylz Yeoville
Urban Stylz Braamfontein

Their searches of the streets have supplied them with offerings for any type of media creator.