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Sheer Publishing to represent MAR Gospel

Feb 13, 2016

Sheer Publishing is excited to announce the representation of MAR Gospel Music Publishers.

“We are proud to be working with the amazing writers that have been signed by Mar Gospel over the years – it is a privilege for us to continue shining a light onto the amazing songs written by these composers over the years and we will make sure that these songs continue to earn revenue for the writers in the years ahead” comments Sheer Publishing Managing Director, David Alexander.

Sheer Publishing represents many fantastic international Gospel artists through Hillsong, SongSolution and Capitol CMG, some of whom tour to South Africa. Through the signing of MAR Gospel, Sheer Publishing is looking to encourage cover versions and collaborations between local and international artists and build a platform for them in Africa.

Boasting 19 years of exceptional success since its launch in 1997, Sheer Publishing has cemented itself as one of South Africa’s top publishing houses. A clear reason why Sheer Publishing was crowned the 2014 Wawela Publisher Of The Year. Publishing representation is essential to any songwriter as it protects the key element of any artist’s music – the writing of the song. The power of a great song is what has launched countless musical careers and no message is more stronger than that conveyed in a Gospel song.

The opportunity of connecting local Gospel artists with the international names represented by Sheer Publishing makes for exciting times in crossing borders and reaching a vast audience.

About Mar Gospel Music Publishers

MAR Gospel Music Publishers is the music publisher of Maranatha Record Company. Whenever one of our artists record songs at our studios and use newly written songs, Maranatha expects the composers/authors to assign their songs to MAR Gospel Music Publishers (unless the artist records a translation or cover version). This is an unwritten rule, but should be applied without exception.

The publisher promotes their song catalogue. Without a publisher most composers/artists would not receive half of the income, when administered by the composer/author themselves. The publisher also plays watchdog and sees to it that the songs will not be abused, changed or used without permission. Translations must also be authorised by the publisher, before anyone may record or use the translation.