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Splashing with Maurice Williams and Adam Howard

Nov 27, 2016

Remember that song “wont you stay, just a little bit longer”, yeah that very one! Its come back from the Golden Era to make a new age splash with HTH!

Creating a moment of Joy for the young one’s, Stay by Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs [represent by Sheer Publishing on behalf of Kobalt Music Publishing] added that last key ingredient to the already boundless and fruitful time of being under the under sunny sky’s with loved one’s splashing into new memories!

It doesn’t end there! Sheer Publishing client Howard Audio created the time-less re-creation of “Stay” for HTH. He took the classic song and gave it a South African twist, adding African guitars and vocals, giving it a feel-good arrangement.

“Timothy Moloi was our Maurice Williams,” says Adam Howard, “And boy can he handle falsetto. I’ve always loved doing re-records – where you get to analyse a classic tune and add your own flavour.”

But enough with the talking, seeing is believing!