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The newest Director at Sheer Publishing

Jul 28, 2014

Rehana Pillay started off working at Sheer Publishing in February 2002. When she arrived it was for a short term temp assignment but so impressed with her capabilities and work ethos, David Alexander shortly offered her a permanent position.

With not much background and knowledge in music publishing, Mrs. P as she is fondly known, began to study Music Business and Copyright Law. After learning all the aspects of the business she began excelling in the royalty side of the business and started working in the royalty department. As the years passed she earned the title, “Royalty Manager.

She became a shareholder of Sheer Publishing after 10 years working at the company. Shortly after that she was given the Directorship at Sheer Publishing.  She has now joined the head of Sheer Publishing, David Alexander and long time partner Karabo Motijoane, and has a beautiful booming business, going strong and moving ahead.

She has come a long way through perseverance and hard work she adds.  Well done Mrs. P for your hard work and dedication to the Sheer Publishing family.