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The re-launch of Howard Music as the new and improved Howard Audio.

May 7, 2015


Sheer Publishing would like to welcome the latest additional to the family, Howard Audio. Howard Audio, once known as Howard Music is a largely recognized and reputable Music Production Studio.

The change in brand is part of the newly curated vision for the company: to provide the best original music, musical direction, sound design and final mixing services in the industry.
All this will be done from Howard Audio’s new 3-studio facility in Bryanston, which has been designed to be one of the best sounding studios in the country. There, we share the space with leading post production facility – Ministry Of Illusion, ensuring our clients are never far away from the picture and all their visual services.

“I’m really excited about our new change in direction.” says Adam. “Our services are more than just music now, and I want Howard Audio to be a reflection of that. Whether it’s sound design, final mix, licensed or original music, you can expect us to treat every project with the same level of craft and enthusiasm. It’s all audio!”

Along with the new name also comes a new corporate identity. Howard Audio’s CI was created with cymatics, a method of visualizing sounds through everyday materials.

“My brief to the designers was to create a visual identity that reflected my passion for sound. What they came back with was a way for me to play my logo and make sound a core part of our identity going forward. We had so much fun creating this new CI – literally visualizing sound as it distorts my logo.”

Having done composed music for ANC, Unicef, Brand SA, Engen and 1 Life just name a few, Howard Audio has become a household name for all your music requirements.

To learn more about the new Howard Audio and to stay up to date with our latest work be sure to check out our new website at