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Our GM and Moshito Board member attends IOMMA 2015

Jun 12, 2015

IOMMA is a Music conference with goals through three means: workshops, one-on-ones sessions and showcases. The organization hosts conferences and workshops on a regular basis aimed at putting a panel of music professionals in front of issues facing the industry and working to propose solutions to the problems facing the growth of Indian Ocean music.

Occasionally, IOMMA will also sponsor one-on-one time for artists with music professionals from different regions of the world. Artists and local music professionals get a limited amount of time to sit face-to-face with producers, managers, and other professionals to gain perspective on the industry and pick up knowledge that can help guide their careers.

The conference was held on the 01st until 07th June 2015 in Reunion Island. Sheer Publishing General Manager and Moshito Board member attended this conference and served as panellist on the international management of copyright along with the following speakers : Gérard Davoust (Sacem, France) Manojna Yeluri (Avocate Lawyer, India)| Moderator: Patrick Mathieu (Reunion Island) discussion intellectual property issues and copyright administration in African and the world. He also attended Sakifo music festival which also took three days after the conference which helps artist showcase their musical talent through live performances.

Moshito will be held in SABC at Auckland park from 9th to 12th September 2015 will be inviting some of the Musicians from IOMMA reunion Island.