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We’re happy to announce the release of Zimbabwe Awake Vol 1.

Oct 18, 2013

This Zimbabwean afro Jazz compilation has elements of Zimbabwean musical sounds from instruments such as Mbira, which has a heavy influence in the African culture.

Listeners who are not familiar with Zimbabwean jazz should be pleasantly surprised by its richness and diversity of music, this selections do include some smooth reggae (by Mathius Julius feat Oliver Mtukudzi). It’s crystal clear that each and every one of the sixteen artists on this collection has a distinct voice and something personal to say with it.

Musicians like Victor Kunonga, Dudu Manhenga, and Rute Mbangwa had their music influenced by jazz. Amongst other music genres, namely reggae, and of late urban grooves, a genre which was developed in the last decade have found their places in Zimbabwe’s music landscape. Zimbabwean music has been playing a critical role in shaping society. Zimbabwean music continues to give people inspiration, hope and entertainment in our society.

Listen to our fifth instalment of the Africa Awake Series available on iTunes.